Pirate Dagger Scissors For LARPers





☛ While the handle and sheath are, admittedly, plastic – the blades of these scissors are remarkably sharp stainless steel.

☛ Measure approximately 10 inches from tip of the handle to tip of the blades.

☛ I received a pair as a Christmas present years ago, and have carried them around with me ever since. They’re my primary go-to pair.

☛ I’ve used them for everything from paper, to fabric, to string, to cardboard, to tape, to steak. Yes. I have, in fact, cut my steak with them. I couldn’t find a knife, okay? The point is (ha- point), they’re as sharp today as they were when I received them in 2012.

☛ Even the outside, not-actually-doing-the-cutting side is sharp. I’ve accidentally, foolishly cut myself on them before. Totally my bad. Just so you’re aware. The sheath is absolutely necessary, not just for the pretty factor.

☛ Shipped from what we have on the shelves in the Studio

☛ 1-2 Business Days to prepare. 3-5 Days to ship from Appalachian Ohio.

☛ Curated by Jess Thompson, our resident graphic designer, ship captain, and make-things-aholic with an art degree.


Actual things people have said seeing me use these scissors:


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