Tiny Tree Magic Feather Token


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You pull one from its hook and hold it in your hand. As you examine this marvelous creation, you see that it is made of the same thick, naural leather as the Traveler’s Notebooks on the shelf, and the keyrings are a sturdy brass-colored metal.

It’s generously sized for a Traveler Trinket and would be a lovely, dramatic addition to your keys.

This particular item has a card displayed nearby. You pick it up and read. ‘Makes a great addition to your key ring, bag, rearview mirror, or decor projects.  Made from genuine leather, care for it like you would your favorite bag or journal.

There are currently four fantastic leather feathers to choose from. The bold blue feather has a nautical feel with a tiny brass anchor attached. The violet feather has a lovely feel with an antique folding fan charm attached. The green feather has a beautiful brass Tree of Life charm, and she’s particularly excited about the steaming potential of the tiny brass teapot on the natural brown feather.


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Jess is the Captain & Bardificer of The Rogue Crusade. She and her Laser Dragon Saphira create wondrous items from leather and wood and paper, and she also designs quite a lot of the printed material posted for sale.