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A Study In Faerie Wing Printed & Shipped Collage Paper by Studio R12

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This inky winged paper is in a pseudo-scientific style for fantasy-themed artwork. A favorite among the young female padiwans in the house.

This inky winged paper is in a pseudo-scientific style for fantasy-themed artwork. A favorite among the young female padiwans in the house.

A Bit About Our Collage Paper

This paper is printed on 11 x 17 inch paper with about 10 1/2 x 16 inches of usable artwork within a white border.

Vintage Aged Feel

Gorgeous "Aged Paper" look without the brittle aged paper dangers. Studio R12 papers were colored with an insane amount of care to get just the right shade of warm cream, yellow, and brown.

Lots of Ways To Use:

  • Glue directly to your surface and paint right over for unique backgrounds 
  • Use a Blender Marker or CitraSolv to transfer portions to your surface 
  • Use Decopage Medium to transfer portions to your surfaces 
  • Use for chains & wreaths for vintage-themed decor 
  • Use for Origami and other Paper Folding 
  • Rip, Cut & Glue your art journals & smashbooks 
  • Die-cut shapes for interesting embellishments in scrapbooking 
  • Glue to Cardstock & cut for lovely dividers in your planners 
  • Use as Covers for your DIY Midori Inserts 
  • Just frame the silly thing

Toner, Not Ink:

These papers are printed using a Laser Printer. Laser Printers use toner (fine powder that is fused to the page) rather than ink (rich liquid dyes). This makes toner behave differently in your mixed media projects, and gives you several transfer options.

Printed & Shipped From StudioR12

These papers were designed by Jess while aboard the neighboring ship StudioR12 under the supervision of Cap'n Patricia, and are printed & shipped to your door from their headquarters.



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Please note that 85% of we create ourselves is at least partially processed digitally. Getting from computer to "real thing" is bound to have a few print discrepancies. Colors can be a shade off, placement can be a pixel or five more to the left than you expected. That's just the nature of the beast.

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This item was Digitally Designed by Jess.

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