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Acrylic Game Tokens
Jess, Rogue Crusade Labs, Handmade, Storyteller, Game Table, Game Pieces, Acrylic Game Tokens,
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    Acrylic Game Tokens

    You pull the pack from its hook and examine its conents. The transparent colors of the tokens change the color of the flickering lights as you hold them up, and you can tell they're made of a thick, sturdy acrylic.

    You can tell the Artificer is a gamer, as the center holes and solid pieces are made to fit within a 1 inch square, or around a mini with a 1 inch base.

    This particular item has a card displayed nearby. You pick it up and read. 'Most tokens use our very own version of runes that we call "Gnomish," a take on Nordic runes that mirrors our standard English alphabet, Nordic being the runes that the dwarves are usually based on, and it being canon that Gnomish uses Dwarven runes. Markers are good & sturdy, clean with damp cloth and dish soap if necessary.'

    There are a few different token pairs to choose from. A red ring with a flame-icon circle companion, a blue ring with a water drop, a purple ring with a skull and crossbones, and green ring with a leaf, and a clear ring with a starburst.

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