Arrow & Shield Shapes Free Vector Sample by The Rogue Crusade

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Need a bit of ranged weaponry to point out something important? To pierce someone's heart? To represent cupid's bow? How about to represent the mighty hunter? These two arrow shapes are ready to oblige. Just in case, a shield is also included. You can never be too careful. . .Read More

Need a bit of ranged weaponry to point out something important? To pierce someone's heart? To represent cupid's bow? How about to represent the mighty hunter? These two arrow shapes are ready to oblige. Just in case, a shield is also included. You can never be too careful with wild rangers about.

Each and every shape lives on its own unique SVG or EPS file, so mix and match them to your heart's content in your own work for gifting, scrapbooking, low-run prints, and other mostly personal, charitable, or slightly commercial uses.

Use them in any of your design programs, on your die-cutting machines, and, rumor has it, magical embroidery devices that support the included file formats.

A Bit About Our Free Vector Sample

Vectors are pretty amazing. They're made of lines, rather than pixels (like JPGS, pngs, and other photo-like files), so when you resize them to the biggest possible or the smallest possible, you don't lose any image quality.

Some examples of programs that can create art with Vector Files include any of the Adobe programs, CorelDraw, Inkscape, OpenOffice Draw, and many more.

What's in the Box?

.ai File:
ai stands for Adobe Illustrator, rather than Artificial Intelligence. :) There is one Adobe Illustrator file with all of the shapes on individual art boards.

.eps Files:
This is a more generic vector file that will work in many different vector editing programs. There is a single file with all the shapes on their own art boards, and each individual shape has its own file.

.svg Files:
This is another generic vector file format that has been known to work with die-cutting machines and embroidery machines. I've not put this into practice myself, though I'm sure gurus in that area will know what to do with them. Each shape is in its own individual file.

.csh Files:
There is a single .csh file that can be imported to be used in Adobe Photoshop & Photoshop Elements as custom shapes. Super handy for the Photoshop savvy.

Limited Commercial Use:

Limited commercial use means it can be "used" as a part of a larger whole in a marketing design for a company or finished art for sale on Etsy.

So, okay things would include a t-shirt or greeting card design that uses it among other elements, word art that uses it as an embellishment, cut out paper shapes to use in a collage, or a brochure, flyer, or logo that uses it among other elements.

The limit stands where the artwork is essentially being sold exactly as-is in a different format. This includes a dingbat font, stencil, wood surfaces, or clip-art in a file format other than what is provided.

This is especially due to the fact that I'll probably get around to making these things myself using this artwork. :)

Just to clarify. . .

This product is an instant download, no physical product will be sent. This gives you the freedom to experiment with the file until you get a print you love.

Everyone's screens and printers are different, so actual printed colors may vary slightly from the colors on your screen.

I always outline my text when appropriate, so you won't have to worry about missing fonts.



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