Barbarian Red Pixie Specks Glitter

Barbarian Red Pixie Specks Glitter

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Red is by and large the color of passion and the heat of the moment, be it a charge to...

Red is by and large the color of passion and the heat of the moment, be it a charge to take action, a moment of rage, or an act of romantic love. As the first visible color in the spectrum, it speaks to our basest instincts, and the slowest wavelengths encourage us to move at our strongest. It’s attention-grabbing, powerful, strong, and wild. It’s warm and protecting, but can be dangerous when angered. It’s the heat of life as the snow-covered rose. It’s the banner of battle, of courage, of victory and power. 

The red planet named after a god of war in every ‘verse - the color of love and life's blood and rage nicely fits the wild-at-heart Barbarian.


Notes On Red

Red is a primary color in both the system of pigment, RYB, and the system of light, RGB. Nothing can mix to make true red, though you can come close in the CMYK ink system by mixing Magenta with Yellow.


A List Of Red Qualities

☛ Passionate
☛ Physical Love
☛ War
☛ Sensuality
☛ Rage
☛ Valiant
☛ Courageous
☛ Hot-Headedness
☛ Attention-Grabbing
☛ Demanding
☛ Heart
☛ Action & Movement
☛ Stops & No’s.


The matter of color is sacred business to the crew of the Crusade. We've traveled the 'verse in search of the finest treasures and embellishments and along the way have discovered many secrets and similarities in the folklore and psychologies of the spectrum our eyes can see. We've associated each color with a basic class of crusader, bringing it all into the story, and are ever in search of elements to bottle the color’s essence.

A Bit About Our Glitter

We've searched high and low for the highest quality pixie glitter to offer straight from our Art Apothecary, and we believe we've finally found the source. Fae of all elemental persuasions offered their finest work for us to peruse and this glitter is a heavy weight with shine that can't be beat. The fae have kindly offered to harvest the leftover dusts from their natural works and we keep it contained within our facility to distribute to artistic travelers such as yourself.

We've collected a rainbow of hues for your sparkling pleasure, from Sorceress Pink and Barbarian Red to Bard Song Blue and Wizard Purple to White Knight Paladin and Ranger's Cloak Brown. We're very excited about the color selection and hope they'll bring joy to your shelves and (if you're brave) to your artwork.

While pixie glitter is a common substance, we are big fans of this work in particular. With a combination of Pixie Magic and Gnomish Ingenuity the glitter pieces themselves have been slightly biggerified, which gives a weight and substance that makes the glitter a bit easier to control when adding to your projects.

Please Read The Warning

WARNING: Everyone knows that pixies are incorrigible tricksters. While they’ve been kind enough to lend us the dusts of their various trades, it isn’t without the gleeful hope that someone, somewhere, is going to carelessly open this beautiful bottle and have glitter in their hair and beards and clothes and carpets for weeks on end!

Should you choose to use the contents we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take your time, slowly twist, hold firmly, and use a corkscrew tool if you need to. We aren’t kidding. This is potent stuff, and will give a beautiful sparkle to your mixed media work, but only as long as you’re careful.

A far less dangerous use of this item could be to just set it in a sunny spot to catch the light and attract happy, shiny thoughts from your muse. Meanwhile, a far more dangerous use could be to rip out the cork with a death wish and glitter-bomb your friends and enemies for a laugh. The pixies, at least, would be pleased.

Size & Amount:

The Main Bottle: One reusable 1.2 oz Glass Jar of Pixie Glitter contains around 6 teaspoons of glitter. It's approximately 2" tall, not counting the cork. This is our primary size and will be sure to add character and inspiration to your studio shelves even if you never release the magic inside.

Larger quantities may be available in the future depending on demand.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

We are quite serious about the glittery quality of this substance. While the pieces of glitter are actually pretty substantial and have a uniquely heavy weight making it less apt to spread, it is still glitter.

We tie each bottle's cork down and hold the string with a label for transport.

We are prepared to bottle and ship these treasures immediately from our home-base location.



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