Bard Song Blue Powder Pigment

Bard Song Blue Powder Pigment.

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The true blues that pull us deeper into imagination and inner beauty are the shades of sapphires and deep waters. While our lighter blues seek to balance the soul, this blue seeks to express it. It’s a rich, deep blue that brings contemplation, it longs for magic and a power that comes from within. It’s the song of creation, and the stirring of stories. It’s the jewel-toned dragon scale that is a rare beauty in nature across all areas of the ‘verse. The oncoming storm and the depth of the indigo.

A rare beauty indeed, one that inspires song and silence- this color is our song of the Bard.


Notes On Blue

This blue is truer to the primaries of the Pigment Alchemists’ RYB and the Tech Wizard’s RGB. In both of these cases nothing can mix to achieve this blue. In order to reach it using the CMYK of inks and dyes it may be necessary to introduce magenta to cyan until the desired hue is reached.


A List Of Rather Blue Qualities:

☛ Peaceful
☛ Woundrous
☛ Mysterious
☛ Restful
☛ Devotion
☛ Deep Thought
☛ Imagination
☛ Tranquility
☛ Loyalty
☛ Wise Creativity
☛ Imagination
☛ Protective


The matter of color is sacred business to the crew of the Crusade. We've traveled the 'verse in search of the finest treasures and embellishments and along the way have discovered many secrets and similarities in the folklore and psychologies of the spectrum our eyes can see. We've associated each color with a basic class of crusader, bringing it all into the story, and are ever in search of elements to bottle the color’s essence.

Handmade by Jess

Jess is owner & captain of the Rogue Crusade. She wears many hats as gnomes often do. She currently does all of the web mastering, much of the customer service and social media marketing, order processing, loot curating, and designing of a huge portion of the loot. She has a BFA in Graphic Design and background in craft industry product development and community theater, and the Crusade is her ongoing mission to bring it all together. Oh, and she’s a total nerd.