Bard Song Blue Powder Pigment

Bard Song Blue Powder Pigment

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The true blues that pull us deeper into imagination and inner beauty are the shades of sapphires and deep waters....

The true blues that pull us deeper into imagination and inner beauty are the shades of sapphires and deep waters. While our lighter blues seek to balance the soul, this blue seeks to express it. It’s a rich, deep blue that brings contemplation, it longs for magic and a power that comes from within. It’s the song of creation, and the stirring of stories. It’s the jewel-toned dragon scale that is a rare beauty in nature across all areas of the ‘verse. The oncoming storm and the depth of the indigo.

A rare beauty indeed, one that inspires song and silence- this color is our song of the Bard.


Notes On Blue

This blue is truer to the primaries of the Pigment Alchemists’ RYB and the Tech Wizard’s RGB. In both of these cases nothing can mix to achieve this blue. In order to reach it using the CMYK of inks and dyes it may be necessary to introduce magenta to cyan until the desired hue is reached.


A List Of Rather Blue Qualities:

☛ Peaceful
☛ Woundrous
☛ Mysterious
☛ Restful
☛ Devotion
☛ Deep Thought
☛ Imagination
☛ Tranquility
☛ Loyalty
☛ Wise Creativity
☛ Imagination
☛ Protective


The matter of color is sacred business to the crew of the Crusade. We've traveled the 'verse in search of the finest treasures and embellishments and along the way have discovered many secrets and similarities in the folklore and psychologies of the spectrum our eyes can see. We've associated each color with a basic class of crusader, bringing it all into the story, and are ever in search of elements to bottle the color’s essence.

A Bit About Our Pigment

When you think of crayons and watercolors, you may not immediately think of the noble-yet-scruffy dwarf who hails from stone and mountain, but the raw pigment used in them must come from somewhere. The story goes that once in the long ago gnomish alchemists made a treaty with dwarven miners to harvest the colorful dusts of their trade to refine and produce the pigments we have in our jars today. Of course the dwarf-folk laughed at their shorter cousins, and called the resulting material "Dandy Dirt," and so they've called it ever since.

Gnomes are suckers for good alliteration.

This is a very fine pigment powder intended for mixing with other substances for use in fine art materials such as crayons, pastels, and paints. The very act of mixing these substances to make usable art materials is a very satisfying process, and one we'd like to share with those of you who have the spirit of an alchemist.

When the captain made her first set of crayons, it was more satisfying for her than any art project she'd done in her life. Some folk are just wired that way, I guess.

Please Read The Warning

WARNING: Our Art Apothecary items come in reusable glass containers with cork tops, and while this keeps the ingredients well and many of us in the trade are accustomed to such packaging, we understand some folk in this world may be more used to twisty-screw-tops.

Should you choose to use the contents we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take your time, slowly twist, hold firmly, and use a corkscrew tool if you need to. We aren’t kidding. This is a very fine material and while around here a rainbow mess means a good day at the office- some care should still be taken.

Size & Amount:

Sample Size: One mini reusable bottle of Dandy Dirt Pigment contains around 2 teaspoons of glitter. This is great for a small 1-off project that requires just the right amount of shine, or to wrap up and carry as part of an alchemist’s LARP cosplay.

Larger quantities may be available in the future depending on demand.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

We are quite serious about the fine quality of this substance.

Each bottle’s cork is tied down and hold the string with a label for transport.

We are prepared to bottle and ship these treasures immediately from our home-base location.



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