Bardsong Blue Traveler's Notebook, Blue Notebook for your Traveler's Notebook Collection

Bardsong Blue Traveler's Notebook, Blue Notebook for your Traveler's Notebook Collection

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☛ All storytellers need a place to keep their songs, stories, and schedules. Put yours in this handcrafted traveler's notebook, along with lists, journals, and anything else your heart desires!

☛ Made with natural, veg-tanned leather, leather dye, and thick/sturdy elastic

☛ Also made with adobe illustrator, lasers, and years of trial & error.

☛ Our regular RogueDori is slightly larger than yoru average Midori, able to hold several booklets at a time

☛ Care for your Dori as you would any natural leather item. Avoid water and other moisture. Embrace scuffs and scratches.

☛ Our Traveler's Notebooks are strung up to hold up to 8 inserts for ultimate customization.

☛ Leather is smooth, hand-dyed, and a balance of stiff-and-supple that suits the Captain's personal preference. Each book is unique and may come with natural flaws.

☛ Shipped from our Rogue Crusade studio in Gallipolis, Ohio!

☛ Delivered in 3-5 days

☛ Handmade by Jess Thompson, our resident graphic designer, ship captain, and make-things-aholic with an art degree.

☛ This was sorted into our Mystic Wit house. Book lovers, computer gurus, scholars, science officers and Ravenclaws find themselves at home here, and the captain herself proudly wears the blue & bronze.


☛ This blue Notebook will not only stay organized, but will also keep your days, weeks, and months straight in your journey!

☛ We've been in love with the Traveler's notebook movement for years. Ever since it was suggested Jess design her planner page downloads for Midori. Since the beginning Jess has toyed and experimented with different methods of making and sources of leather, and wouldn't ya know, the perfect leather was literally right around the corner. The pieces are cut and etched by our in-house laser, Saphira The Dragon, for size and style consistency.

☛ We hope this will add to your story, whatever resesarch brought you to our pages!

☛ We may have the answers you seek, feel free to message us with any inquiries. Our Automated Pixie can be found via Faceboon Messenger and can get you pointed in the right direction. Find Her Here:


☛ Not for you? That's okay, this fauxdori is great for any scholarly human or laid-back guru.

☛ Hand crafted with a wild-hearted, organized person in mind.

☛ Designed, tested, and approved by us, our Traveler's Notebook goodies are perfect for a knowledgeable, supportive planner or journaler!

☛ Someone who likes planning, questing, journaling, organization and delegation might also like the theme.

☛ Would make a great Christmas & Holiday or Birthday gift for either him or her!


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Handmade by Jess

Jess is owner & captain of the Rogue Crusade. She wears many hats as gnomes often do. She currently does all of the web mastering, much of the customer service and social media marketing, order processing, loot curating, and designing of a huge portion of the loot. She has a BFA in Graphic Design and background in craft industry product development and community theater, and the Crusade is her ongoing mission to bring it all together. Oh, and she’s a total nerd.