Brass Dragon Scale Skater Flare Dress

Brass Dragon Scale Skater Flare Dress.

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Sometimes, feeling like a dragon isn’t enough. For those times, we provide the dragon scale pattern. Carefully constructed of vectors and pixels, and available in a variety of chromatic and metallic colors, we’ve striven to bring to this world a comfy interpretation of our favorite mythical creature. Turn everything into a dragon. Turn into a dragon. Gather a hoard. Chase away some dwarves. Sleep for 60 years, and avenge your cousin. Rule the world.

Notes On The Brass From Our Dragon Research Department

Brass dragon's wings when flying have a manta like ripple with a neck frill of antique colored membranes and brassy spines running from just behind the massive plow shaped plate, that goes from the eyes, checks, and forehead, all the way to near the base of the tail.

While they can eat anything they usually only survive off morning dew in the waking moments in the desert that allows it, they understand the delicate balance of their environment.

A Brass dragon has fleshy lips that give it the ability to speak more articulately than other dragons. As a result of their lips and love of warmth they often sun bathe on dessert paths where they can trap unwary travelers in conversations for hours on end, whether or not the conversation has two sides.

They are essentially good, despite the lack of consideration of others' time tables.

They go from 4 ft 5lbs as a hatchling to 85 ft and 160,000 lbs as a great wyrm.

This dragon's elemental type is fire.

Note For The Department Of Endangered Dragon Protection

No actual dragons were harmed in the making of our dragon-themed products. A little known fact is that they’re notorious shedders. Scales everywhere. As long as you can avoid the acid breath, it’s really easy pickin’s.

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