Bronze Dragon Scale Skater Flare Dress

Bronze Dragon Scale Skater Flare Dress.

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Sometimes, feeling like a dragon isn’t enough. For those times, we provide the dragon scale pattern. Carefully constructed of vectors and pixels, and available in a variety of chromatic and metallic colors, we’ve striven to bring to this world a comfy interpretation of our favorite mythical creature. Turn everything into a dragon. Turn into a dragon. Gather a hoard. Chase away some dwarves. Sleep for 60 years, and avenge your cousin. Rule the world.

Notes On Bronze From Our Dragon Research Department

Bronze dragons love deep water as a result they are built for swimming. They have smooth scales, a neck frill, eight black hons on each side of their face with hornlets on the chin and jaw, a smooth beak snout, blue gray wings that go back and form the ends just above the back legs, and webbed feet.

Their lairs are often set where high tide can flood the lower levels and they often disguise themselves in other forms such as a humanoid or small animal to feed their inquisitive nature, plus a beach house fits humanoids better.

They believe hanging out with "lesser" creatures such as humanoids is fine because they deserve survival and happiness as much as the dragons.

They eat mostly aquatic plant life, shark meat, and pearls. While gold is their favorite treasure, they will keep pearls scattered in their horde of glimmer as snacks!

They have a very strong sense of justice and have no patience for anarchy or cruelty and often patrol their waters for pirates and Ne'er Do Wells. While they do fight they prefer to remove attackers with their repulsion breath.

They go from 8 ft 40 lbs to 85 ft 160,000 lbs. This dragon's type is electricity.

Note For The Department Of Endangered Dragon Protection

No actual dragons were harmed in the making of our dragon-themed products. A little known fact is that they’re notorious shedders. Scales everywhere. As long as you can avoid the acid breath, it’s really easy pickin’s.

Digitally Designed by Jess

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