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Chain Dice Bag
Denise, Mystic Maille, Handmade, Storyteller, Game Table, Shinies, Chainmail Pouch, Chain Dice Bag,
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    Chain Dice Bag

    The lightweight aluminum feels remarkably satisfying in your hand, cool and smooth.

    Approximate Bag size is 3 1/2 in X 4 in, and the Ring Size is 16 gauge 5/16'' ID.

    The smith is a lovely lady with dragonesque features, neatly placing ring after ring in a new creation. You notice a note nearby. 'Hot soapy water can clean both types of rings. Due to the uncoated nature, of the Bright aluminum, rub off is possible. Bright Aluminum rings are uncoated and light. Anodized Aluminum rings are also light but are coated to keep their color and shine. '


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