Inky, Scratchy Week Printable Classic Planner Pages

Inky, Scratchy Week Printable Classic Planner Pages

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A Scratchy, Inky Week At A Glance Tried & True, this will probably continue to be my regular go-to planning...

A Scratchy, Inky Week At A Glance

Tried & True, this will probably continue to be my regular go-to planning design. A spot for morning, noon time, late-day and night to give a general outline to each day without boxing in anything definite in stone. 

This week design also has a space for a sticker, a quote, a note, a doodle, whatever under your date spot. Do the thing.

With the week's suitable goals in a featured spot, and the box that defines the week- this is a great stand-by when you just need something basic.


Hello Ink Stained Sally

Lady Jane the Grey is a gal who loves clean organization and customizing blank canvases. Sally is a messy heart who makes beautiful things from madness. Scratchy and bold black lines and an old-soul feel are at the heart of her planners and journals.


The Ink-Stained Sally Suit System

This is something I'm testing out for myself this year. My head generalizes to specify and that's what's going on here. Four main areas to focus on and improve on. So the designs I make to use myself are going to go this way.

This is how I'm choosing to interpret the symbols. By all and any means, do what makes sense for you. :)

♥ Feelings: Where you see a heart think about your wellbeing. Physical, emotional, and mental health goals, reflections and plans.

♦ Finances: Diamonds are a symbol for your work goals, your financial planning, your bills, all the ways the money comes and goes.

♣ Friendships: Clubs are for relationships. It doesn't just have to be friends, but anyone you have and want to have a quality relationship with. Family and chosen family goals and plans go here.

♠ Forgoings: Spades are for things you want to release from your life. Bad habits, negative thoughts, and physical junk holding you down. Clean up your space and your act.

A Bit About Our Classic Planner Pages

The Classic Jane & Classic Sally Sizes are "Letter" and "Half-Page" for your 3-Ring, 6-Ring, and other basic planners and binders.

Size Info:

I'm a U.S. girl, so my first language is inches & feet, with basic knowledge of millimeters and such. So here's my best breakdown of page sizes in the ClassicJane size.

Each package comes with a Letter sized version & a Half Page sized version.

Letter size is 8.5 x 11 inches. (215.9 x 279.4 mm). This is closest to the A4 page size (210 x 297 mm, or 8.3 x 11.7 inches). Shrinking it down just a bit in your printer settings to fit your paper shouldn't hurt anything.

Half Page is half of the Letter size, at 5.5 x 8.5 inches (139.7 x 215.9 mm). This is closest to the A5 page size (148 x 210 mm, or 5.8 x 8.3 inches). Shrinking it down just a bit in your printer settings to fit your paper shouldn't hurt anything.

These sizes will fit your 3 Ring Binder systems, your A4 & A5 Filofaxes, Day Runners, and other easily attainable planning systems.

File Info:

The Download option, should you choose to be so bold, comes with each page individually saved as a JPG and a PDF.

JPG: This is a pretty universal image file format. Most digital photos are saved as JPGs, so if you can work with a digital photo, you can work with this.

PDF: Most people prefer to use the PDF files, which require a PDF reader to open and print. For best results I recommend Adobe Acrobat, which is free.

The Files Themselves

Individual Left & Right: I include individual pages in both formats so you can mix and match your pages using whatever program you're comfortable with! It allows you the freedom to play with the files until you get a system that you love.

Left & Right Spread: There is a left/right spread page that is exactly the size of the two pages put together. Again, mix and match with other pages, or duplicate this & merge with the original for some front-to-back printing requirements.


Please note that this is a digital product, and no physical product will be sent. Computer savvy & DIY spirit are required. Please keep in mind that everybody's machines and combinations are very different, results WILL vary. Due to the nature of digital products, refunds aren't available.

These pages are for personal use only, if you love and want to share them, please point them to this band of small-town artsy adventurers. ♥

Planner Page FAQs:

Both the Midori and Filofax communities have highly active, inspiring, welcoming, and informative Facebook Groups. If you’re interested in either of these systems I highly recommend requesting to join and getting involved. The Midori group has an especially helpful post pinned right to the top.

Midori Group:

Filofax Group:

There is now a section on that gives tutorials with screenshots for things like getting the perfect shade of grey, fitting your pages to print to your paper, and copying and merging files for duplex printing. Everything I currently know about printing is being added here:



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