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Crystal Crayon
Jess, Rogue Crusade Labs, Handmade, Quest Chronicler, Shinies, Homemade Crayons, Crystal Crayon,
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    Crystal Crayon

    You take it from the rest of the crystals in the bowl. You aren't quite sure what it is at first. It clearly isn't true crystal, is it soap? But then you realize it has the brightness and feel of a tool from your childhood. The wax, colored with a natural pigment, is clearly a drawing tool of some kind.

    The crayon rests comfortably in the palm of your hand, and looks to be somewhere between 1 1/2 to 2 inches across at the widest points.

    This particular item has a card displayed nearby. You pick it up and read. 'A swirl of Mica Powder gives our jewel crayons a little extra shine in the coloring! Keep out of hot cars and camp-fires to avoid unwanted melting.'


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