We're Spring Cleaning & Putting our loot back here & on etsy! Stay in touch for updates! xoxo

We're Spring Cleaning & Putting our loot back here & on etsy! Stay in touch for updates! xoxo

Cupcake Template Vector Set For DIY Planners

Jess's habit of planning to plan originally led her to design this sensible Cupcake Template Vector Set.

This whole Etsy experience has been one new discovery after another. What in the world is a cupcake wrapper? It's exactly what you would expect it to be, a cute strip of paper, curved just so, to wrap around cupcakes.

So I got together with a friend of mine who loves to cook and we had a quick cupcake party. I took the shapes I created, laid them out in Illustrator, created a clipping mask with my Pattern Paper JPGS, printed them out on card stock, hand cut them (I recommend lasers or die cutters, especially for the more complex ones, but it took about an hour to cut 12 simple shapes), and we made some of the cutest cupcakes I've ever had. And the card stock is totally reusable.


Here's a bit of what you need to know:

☛ Contains AI, EPS, SVG, and Photoshop Files. Also made with Vector Voodoo

☛ EPS - This is a more generic vector file that will work in many different vector editing programs. Each individual shape has its own file.

☛ AI - ai stands for Adobe Illustrator- the most common Vector Illustration program. Several other Vector editing programs can at least open this file up.

☛ SVG - This is another generic vector file format that has been known to work with die-cutting machines and embroidery machines. Each shape is in its own individual file.

☛ There is also a file that can be imported to be used in Adobe Photoshop as shapes, for the convenience of Photoshop without the quality loss of brushes.

☛ Instantly delivered to your email, and avilable in your account here at RogueCrusade.com

☛ Instantly delivered. Instantly available.

☛ Designed by Jess Thompson, our resident graphic designer, ship captain, and make-things-aholic with an art degree.


Vectors are pretty amazing. They're made of lines, rather than pixels (like JPGS, pngs, and other photo-like files), so when you resize them to the biggest possible or the smallest possible, you don't lose any image quality. Some examples of programs that can create art with Vector Files include any of the Adobe programs, CorelDraw, Inkscape, OpenOffice Draw, and many more.

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