Cure Lite Beer Ceramic Stein, Potion Stein for your Cup Collection

Cure Lite Beer Ceramic Stein, Potion Stein for your Cup Collection

$ 20.00
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☛ The finest beer in all the kingdom is served in the Cure Lite Beer Stein! It'll cure what "Ales" ye! Ha-Ha-Ha

☛ Made of ceramic and gold trim at the top and bottom.

☛ Also made with adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, pixel voodoo & love.

☛ 22oz; 8.5inch circumference 3.75 inch diameter

☛ Dishwasher Safe.

☛ Artwork on both sides to show to the art no matter which hand you're using!

☛ WARNING: Do NOT place this product in the microwave (metallic trim=fire)

☛ Designed by us, stitched & shipped from one of our trusted manufacturers.

☛ Takes 1-2 weeks to print, stitch & ship to you

☛ Digitally Designed by Jess, our resident graphic designer, ship captain, and make-things-aholic with an art degree.

☛ This was sorted into our Valiant Courage house. We love our courageous fighters, and our strong leaders. From Gryffindors to starfleet captains to dwarves and dragons to team valor, we'll always try to bring down barriors between the brave.


☛ This Potion Stein will not only hold drinks, but will also let your geek flag fly!

☛ Fit for any king's table to any fine tavern, we're pretty pleased with these ceramic beer steins. Art is sublimated on the ceramic, and safe to use in the dishwasher.

☛ We do hope this will suit your needs, whatever valiant quest has brought you to us!

☛ Let us know if we can be of assistance to your quest! Our Automated Pixie can be found via Faceboon Messenger and can get you pointed in the right direction! Find Her Here:


☛ Not for you? That's okay, this cup is great for any strong human or laid-back hero.

☛ Designed with a good-natured, geek-savvy person in mind.

☛ Made to add some magic to your halfling house or king's chamber, our home decor items are great for a chivilrous, adventurous fantasy geek!

☛ Someone who likes Comics, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Tabletop Gaming, the list goes on might also like the theme.

☛ Would make a great Christmas & Holiday or Birthday gift for either him or her!


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by Jess

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