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Dagger Scissors
Jess, Rogue Crusade Labs, Handmade, Wondrous Item Collector, Wondrous Items, Fantasy Scissors, Dagger Scissors,
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    Dagger Scissors

    You pull the scissors from their sheath with a satisfying "shiing" sound. While the handle and sheath are quite obviously plastic, the blades of these scissors are remarkably sharp stainless steel.

    The scissors measure approximately 10 inches from the tip of the handle to the tip of the blades.

    This particular item has a card displayed nearby. You pick it up and read. 'I received a pair as a Christmas present years ago, and have carried them around with me ever since. They're my primary go-to pair. I've used them for everything from paper, to fabric, to string, to cardboard, to tape, to steak. Yes. I have, in fact, cut my steak with them. I couldn't find a knife, okay? The point is (ha- point), they're as sharp today as they were when I received them in 2012.'


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