Oatmeal Stout Homemade Soap - Beer Soap - Self Care and Bathroom Cabinets - Fantasy Soap - Bath and Shower

Oatmeal Stout Homemade Soap. Beer Soap.

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Hail to Thee, Brave Warrior!

Are you questing for a magnificent Fantasy Soap to add +10 Scent Bonus to your Charisma score?

The quest is over!

Jasmynn has hand crafted this bar to add to our Alchemist's Bath collection just for a valiant dwarf like you. Just imagine the magical smells and fantastic feels of our shelves full of jars and bottles and have a look at the stats below.

Prepare to smell amazing! ♚


☛ A scent that any mighty warrior would be pleased to use

☛ Delivered in 3-5 days

☛ Made with all-natural ingredients including Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, and Lye. Also made with lard, oatmeal stout beer, olive oil, shea butter, and fragrance

☛ Our large bar soaps are between 5-6 oz.

☛ These bars are fantastic, traditional soaps, and should last for as long as you need them to in the bathroom.

☛ Concocted by a practicing Massage Therapist in Ohio, and tested first-hand by members of the crew.

☛ Our chief Aroma Alchemist has a lot to say about the effectiveness of these products. Stay tuned for a blog series about ways to use her brews to the fullest!

☛ Shipped from our Rogue Crusade studio in Gallipolis, Ohio!

☛ Handmade by Jasmynn, massage therapist, soap-stuff alchemist, and expert in the art of delegation.


This Beer Soap will not only smell amazing, but will also take you to a far away land where magic still reigns and there are valiant battles to be fought.

Jasmynn, cousin to the captain, brews all her soaps in her home kitchen using traditional, and some not-so-traditional ingredients. With a couple of years of experimentation and perfection under her belt, she only lets the best of the best through to our shelves. Each batch she brings is better than the last!

We do hope this will aid you on your journey, whatever valiant quest has brought you to us!

Let us know if we can be of assistance to your quest!


☛ Not for you? That's okay, this bar is great for any strong dwarf-at-heart or stoneborn hero.

☛ Hand crafted with a heroic, adventurous fellah in mind.

☛ Lovingly and carefully created by our own self-taught alchemist, our soaps and lotions are ideal for a chivilrous, adventurous lover of unique soaps!

☛ Someone who likes Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, WoW, Pathfinder, Harry Potter, and a host of other magical worlds might also like the theme.

☛ Would make a great Father's Day or Housewarming gift for him!

☛ This comes from our studio, so just add a note to your order for a gift receipt and special touches!


All our aroma alchemy products are made by individual crafters in Ohio who love to play with scent and study the arts of self-care. If you're looking to treat yourself, give a gift to a geeky friend or relative, or just add a little fantasy inspiration to your daily routine - Rogue Crusade's oils, soaps, lotions, and other home-brewed items are singing your name!

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Handmade by Jazi

Jazi is the acting first mate & cousin to the captain. After spending their childhoods together on the family farms exploring the woods and pretending to be magic warrior princesses, Jasmynn eventually ended up in the Dayton area where she's a Massage Therapist and frequently LARPs with her husband and chosen family. Jazi is our aroma-alchemist, developing the scent and health side of our everyday art. She also does some of the social media, curates loot, and bounces ideas. She’s long distance, but her involvement is invaluable.