Dragon's Claw Wand

Dragon's Claw Wand.

$ 50.00
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Figgus Fawytthen's Fine Wands
Superior handcrafted wands for everyone!

Don’t settle for cheap, mass-produced wands - master wandsmith Figgus Fawytthen’s creations are second to ! Each wand is carefully crafted by hand using both traditional and cutting-edge techniques.

Only the choicest woods, enhanced with a unique polymer compound, can create a wand that is both light and durable. Details are painstakingly carved, painted, and embellished by hand.
Our line of wands include:
Fawytthen Original Fine WandsInspired by magic, nature, and Fawytthen’s own imagination. Each wand is uniquely crafted - no two are exactly alike.

Fawytthen Replica WandsFawytthen also produces a line of wands that are inspired by some of the most famous wands in wizardom. While not as unique as our Original or Premium wands, Replica Wands are nonetheless as carefully crafted as the rest of our our fine instruments.

Each wand comes packaged in a bespoke paper gift box.

Handmade by Dustin

Mr. Beach is largely our Studio R12 representative, but has also been known to make a wand and draw a map in his many years of working with the cap'n through college and beyond. He's a loremaster knowledge sponge and has a host of stories that we say "can only happen to Mr. Beach." We're always excited to see what wondrous items his artistic whims briefly produce.