Gisido LARP Rulebook in Paperback!

Gisido LARP Rulebook in Paperback!

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  • Founded by Camryn Santos and Cory Carrington
  • Book is 80 pages, perfect bound paper back
  • Gisido plays in locations in Central & Southeastern Ohio
  • Learn more about Gisido LARP at!

Welcome adventurers, to your greatest endveavor!

Nearly 120 years ago, the Gaesin Empire finished expanding its territory to include most of the civilized world. Early on, the rulers of the absorbed nations managed to maintain a measure of power by participating in the High Council, which was formed to rule the conglomerate empire. This new government oversaw an era of general harmony that lasted until Emperor Galius Linuso died of a mysterious disease.

Nine years would pass before Galiusí son, Mercius would be crowned the new Emperor at the age of 13. Mercius almost immediately attempted to pass seemingly radical laws, which were easily rejected by the High Council. He became irritated after several failed attempts to legally expulse Orcs from the Empire, and between the years from 965 to 970, all members of the High Council would be assassinatedóall by means of arsenic poisoning.

The assassinations caused unrest among the citizens of the Empire, and several festivals were held in an attempt to calm the people before the potential for an uprising came about.

In 974, Emperor Mercius announced that an Orc named Olfrar was responsible for the assassinations, and that his kind was a threat to the wellbeing of the Empire. With this, Orcs were exiled to the Wastelands.

During the spring of 975, Emperor Mercius issued a decree banning all intoxicating substances and prohibiting the use of magic outside of established guilds, which his father originally organized several decades before. Merciusí decree prompted an uproar from a mass of citizens of all racesóriots became commonplace and eventually evolved into the early skirmishes of a steadily growing rebellion.

To combat the better-trained and equipped army of the Empire, the rebels employed the assistance of a Halfling tinker known as Isiphous, who created automaton warriors called Obern. The Empire responded by employing a mage named Agos who, through a mix of selective breeding of enslaved Orcs and strange magic, created Ogres.

After 25 years of conflict, the Great War ended when Mercius and his relatives were captured and executed in the early days of 1002.

Live Action Role-Playing, or LARPing, is a real-life version of the role-playing genre of gaming. Participants play the roles of various characters, and act out scenarios, battles, and other scenes. Players take on their character's role, and do their best to exhibit that character's behavior traits and actions. LARPing is used by many to experience different lifestyles and cultures, and by others to decompress and escape from the real world for a short time.

Gisido is a Fantasy LARP with Steampunk elements, Swords, Sorcery, and Clockwork!

The LARP was founded in 2013 by Camryn Santos and Cory Carrington with the intention of offering an affordable, entertaining, inclusive, and immersive experience.

Many find LARPing to be both a means of decompressing from the stresses brought on by the ìmundaneî world, and as an educational experience by which they may explore different time periods and cultures. Others find LARPing to be therapeutic, as it may aid in finding closure to past traumas, while others still may find it to help build character and break down social boundaries. Businesses sometimes even employ LARPs to produce team-building activities for their employees.

LARPing is enjoyed by all ages, and by individuals from all walks of life- from schoolchildren and college students, to military veterans, lawyers, doctors, and even seniors.