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Gnomish Marker Font For Fantasy Fans

This is our first attempt at a Rune Font. It’s a variation of Futhark we’ve used for years and years that I’ve dubbed “Gnomish.” Why? Well, you see, the Gnomish Languge uses the Dwarven Alphabet. The Dwarven Alphabet is traditionally based on Futhark runes. Gnomes are going to put their own spin on it, so here we are!

Designed using Adobe Illustrator and a spiffy fontmaking plugin, and years of mischievous handwritten use passing notes in high school.


☛ This font is hand-drawn letter by letter using vectors & pixel voodoo.

☛ This font is an OTF. Hand drawn and developed in Illustrator and then fleshed out in Glyphs. It can be used anywhere an OTF font file can be used.

☛ Limited commercial use means it can be "used" as a part of a larger whole in a marketing design for a company or finished art for sale on Etsy.

☛ So, okay things would include a t-shirt or greeting card design that uses it among other elements, word art that uses it as an embellishment, cut out paper shapes to use in a collage, or a brochure, flyer, or logo that uses it among other elements.

☛ This product is an instant download, no physical product will be sent. This gives you the freedom to experiment with the file until you get a print you love.

☛ Instantly delivered to your email, and avilable in your account here at RogueCrusade.com

☛ Instantly delivered. Instantly available.

☛ Designed by Jess Thompson, our resident graphic designer, ship captain, and make-things-aholic with an art degree.


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