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Holstered Tinwhisle
Jess, Rogue Crusade Labs, Handmade, Wondrous Item Collector, Wondrous Items, Pennywhistle, Holstered Tinwhisle,
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    Holstered Tinwhisle

    You pull one up from the basket. The lightweight black pennywhistle is exactly as you'd expect for a simple, traditional instrument, with a protective plastic over the mouthpiece that is easily removed. The holster is made of a sturdy natural leather, constructed with brass findings and laced up with a black suede.

    This particular item has a card displayed nearby. You pick it up and read. 'Perfect for the Bards of LARP and Cosplay, this is a lightweight addition that clips easily to belts and backpacks. One of the easiest instruments to learn to play, there are loads of videos online.'


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