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Journey Essentials Lotion Sticks For Fantasy Fans

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These high-end items are designed for Questers on the Go to feel clean, even when traditional cleansing pools aren't readily available. Perfect for LARPing, Camping, Festivals, Conventions, and other big journeys.

Looking for a convenient way to moisturize those knees after a good shave? Our Soap Alchemist has found a clever use for empty deodorant tubes that travel well, and apply lotion on your legs neatly and smoothly. We were dubious at first, but our Chief Storyteller Jessa had the stroke of genius immediately upon seeing them, proving once again why us messy gnomes need an elegant elf in the party.


☛ Mango Butter, Beeswax, Rice Bran Oil, Sesame Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fragrance, Cyclomethicone, isopropyl myristate

☛ 2 oz

☛ Comes in a 2 oz, twist-up deodorant-style tube.

☛ Perfect for keeping in the bathroom for after a good shave.

☛ Warning: WILL melt in extreme heat. Keep out of hot cars and the fires of Mount Doom.

☛ Shipped from what we have on the shelves in the Studio

☛ 1-2 Business Days to prepare. 3-5 Days to ship from Appalachian Ohio.

☛ Home Brewed by the ship's Alchemist and Massage Therapist, Jasmynn


We were a bit dubious when our Alchemist brought these out of the lab, but our Chief Storyteller Jessabell immediately said “Hey, that would be great for your legs after shaving!” and we decided we had a winner. This handy bit of magic will be a great addition to your Bathroom Apothecary.

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