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Metallique Acrylic Paint For Steampunkers

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Silver Spoon
Rich Turquoise
Deep Waters
Lime Peel
Brass Hardware
Wild Fuchsia
Vintage Rose
Coral Reef
Rusty Red
Pure Sunshine
Light Patina
Ancient Coin
Steampunk Copper
From the packaging, to the color names, to the beautiful "oooo-shiny" effect of the end result, the Art Alchemy paints were something we simply had to have on our shelves. At once providing a functionality and an inspiration factor that will help you tell the tales of your art journaling adventures.

See if the Art Alchemy Craft Paint will be a good fit for your Steampunk Supply hoard!


☛ Shimmery, shiny, opaque acrylic paint

☛ 1.7 Fl.oz jar

☛ We are in love with this paint! One coat is enough to cover most surfaces in most colors.

☛ We recommend you keep the seal on it for longevity.

☛ Adds a shimmery, magical quality to your work!

☛ Shipped from what we have on the shelves in the Studio

☛ 1-2 Business Days to prepare. 3-5 Days to ship from Appalachian Ohio.

☛ Curated by Jess Thompson, our resident graphic designer, ship captain, and make-things-aholic with an art degree.


The manufacturers assure this paint is archival safe and non-toxic. We have not the time-turners to check the archival quality, nor the painfully low wisdom score to attempt to ingest it. So we'll just take their word for it.

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