Detailed Day Planner Field Notes & Passport Printable Mini Planner Pages

Detailed Day Planner Field Notes & Passport Printable Mini Planner Pages

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This planner page has been laid out to give a detailed guideline to your day's adventures. It can be used as either a planner or a journal- to plan the day ahead or document the day behind you. What was a one-page design in the half-page and letter sized versions couldn't possibly fit on one Midori Page. This is a spread for those who really like to plan their days.

Includes a free alternate version with hours beginning at 8AM.


The Lady Jane The Grey Theme

In 2014 I came up with a set of these pages is set in a Minimalist or Doodle Ready gray theme, with layout and organization being the primary focus. This allows you to come up with your own color-coding system, and for your doodles to really stand out on the page.

There's just something about being able to write things down with friction-based writing instruments that makes them stick a little better in your brain. Use whatever pen, pencil, sticker, tape, marker or crayon works best for you and makes your heart and mind happy.

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