Neverland Garden Beard Oil For Fantasy Fans
Neverland Garden Beard Oil For Fantasy Fans

    Neverland Garden Beard Oil For Fantasy Fans

    $ 12.00
    In our travels across the realms we’ve come across many magical places, but none so unique as the island known here as Neverland. It’s one of the captain’s favorite places to visit, touching on all her favorite things. Fae folk, pirates, merfolk, shamans, flight, and magic make this place what it is, and when our alchemist was tasked with capturing all these essences in a bottle, she really outdid herself with this fragrance.

    A warm, complex blend of cinnamon, clove, pirate’s spiced rum, beautiful jasmine flowers, Tahitian vanilla, and sandalwood all work together to bring to mind the island that is second star to the right and straight on ’til morning. In an orange and black soap reminiscent of the island’s tiger lilies, and a Charisma Bonus potion that sparkles green and gold, the Neverland concoctions will take you to the pirate-infested jungles for high adventure.

    Favored by males and females, we’ve also got it in our beard and hair oils.


    ☛ Made with Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Castor Oil, and Shea Butter.

    ☛ Approximately 1 fl. oz of oil in each bottle.

    ☛ Approved scents by many lengths of beard at our private ‘beard scent parties,' from close-cropped to dwarven quality.

    ☛ While this shouldn't be an issue in the bathroom, avoid letting the shea butter solidify in extreme cold. If this should happen just keep it over a vent or in a warm car for a little while to melt back. Do not microwave.

    ☛ WARNING: May attract extra attention with the added scent and shine bonuses.

    ☛ Shipped from what we have on the shelves in the Studio

    ☛ 1-2 Business Days to prepare. 3-5 Days to ship from the Ohio River Valley.

    ☛ Handmade by the ship's Alchemist and Massage Therapist, Jasmynn


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