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Passport Traveler's Notebook
Jess, Rogue Crusade Labs, Handmade, Quest Chronicler, Leather Journal, Passport Traveler's Notebook,
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    Passport Traveler's Notebook

    You release it from its hook and pull the elastic holding it closed. You'll find the leather to be thick and sturdy, and know that over time, with proper care, it will soften and become more flexible. The elastic band that is traditional for this type of Traveler's Notebook is just as strong, and you get the feeling the maker was very choosy about her materials.

    The notebook is generously sized compared to the brand-name Midoris, but looks like it will hold the same size inserts.

    This particular item has a card displayed nearby. You pick it up and read. 'Our Traveler's Notebooks are strung up to hold up to 4 inserts for ultimate customization. Comes with 15 sheets of paper per elastic for a total of 240 pages of fine Mohawk sketch paper to start you out right! Care for your Dori as you would any natural leather item. Avoid water and other moisture. Embrace scuffs and scratches.'


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