Gnomish Marker - A Very Practical Gnome Rune Font

Gnomish Marker - A Very Practical Gnome Rune Font

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I am SUPER excited to introduce my first font! Here's the story: Way way way way back in the early...
I am SUPER excited to introduce my first font! Here's the story:

Way way way way back in the early 2000's, a few friends and I developed this variation of Nordic Runes for note-passing purposes. We mixed up a couple of the letters and filled in some missing characters and before we knew it a handful of people were able to confound our peers and write things that only those who took the time to puzzle out could read.

Some other handy perks to knowing this script by heart were that I could puzzle out things written in Dwarvish on Tolkien-related work, and of course background objects in the Thor movies. And FALSE&FALSE was made that much more fun because I could actually write in runes with the DM's.

Then I discovered the Gnome, a race of RPG characters that seemed to be overlooked, and how very gnomish I really was deep down inside.

So, with some gnomish logic, I present to you my case for calling this gnomish:

Gnomish uses the dwarfish script. Dwarfish script is basically based on Nordic runes. Our runic letters are sort of Nordic Runes. Full circle, our runic letters could very well be the Gnomish vernacular of Dwarfish runes.

You're welcome. :)

♥ The File:

This font is an OTF. Hand drawn and developed in Illustrator and then fleshed out in Glyphs. It can be used anywhere an OTF font file can be used.


★ Limited Commercial Use:

Limited commercial use means it can be "used" as a part of a larger whole in a marketing design for a company or finished art for sale on Etsy.

So, okay things would include a t-shirt or greeting card design that uses it among other elements, word art that uses it as an embellishment, cut out paper shapes to use in a collage, or a brochure, flyer, or logo that uses it among other elements.

The limit stands where the artwork is essentially being sold exactly as-is in a different format. This includes a dingbat font, stencil, wood surfaces, or clip-art in a file format other than what is provided.

This is especially due to the fact that I'll probably get around to making these things myself using this artwork. :)


★ Just to clarify. . .

This product is an instant download, no physical product will be sent. This gives you the freedom to experiment with the file until you get a print you love.

Everyone's screens and printers are different, so actual printed colors may vary slightly from the colors on your screen.

I always outline my text when appropriate, so you won't have to worry about missing fonts.

Due to the nature of digital products, refunds aren't available. However, if you have any trouble with the file, or notice anything wrong, please let me know so I can fix the file for you and for future customers!

A Bit About Our Font

We are extremely excited about our Rune Fonts, after many years experimenting and playing with all the different font creation options out there. We plan to start offering many more practical and artistic runes for your RPG endeavors and fantasy artwork.



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