Salt Bar

Salt Bar

$ 5.00

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By popular demand we’re bringing Jasmynn’s concoctions to the website. It’s going to take a little time to get all the various details online, but it is a task we’ve decided to undertake this week. Stay tuned for the official listings, in the mean time, this is available for those who are aware of how wonderful they smell and want to pick it up before it’s gone!

Handmade by Jazi

Jazi is the acting first mate & cousin to the captain. After spending their childhoods together on the family farms exploring the woods and pretending to be magic warrior princesses, Jasmynn eventually ended up in the Dayton area where she's a Massage Therapist and frequently LARPs with her husband and chosen family. Jazi is our aroma-alchemist, developing the scent and health side of our everyday art. She also does some of the social media, curates loot, and bounces ideas. She’s long distance, but her involvement is invaluable.

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