Tinker's Guild Classes: Photography, 3D Printing & More

You're Cordially Invited To Make Things & Learn Tech Wizardry With Us!

We're in the beginning stages of developing our brand-new Tinker's Guild! With our Tech, Photo, and Soap-Making Gurus, and our 3D Printer operational, and more machines in the wings to be unlocked, we're happy to teach others what we're learning as we go! Pay for a single class with one of our experts, or join our Tinker's Guild and get some special member perks!

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☛ Makers & Tinkers ☚

The Rogue Crusade is very big on DIY's of all kinds, especially when it involves some sort of Tech Wizardry. We currently have a small 3D printer and a fancy desktop plotter that we're neck-deep in the learning processes for, and we have a few gurus who are graciously sharing their knowledge with us! Throw in our photographer friends and our soap alchemist and we've got a great group of Tinkers who are ready to share their knowledge with you!

Sign up for a single class and get plugged into our free Tinker's Guild Facebook Group to join our creative master minds, and consider a monthly subscription so you don't miss a single package or perk!

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Rogue Crusade Tinkers Will Get These Perks & Help Us Start The Following Projects:

We're slowly but surely collecting the equipment to turn our "Tavern Room" into part Maker's Space. Want something small 3D printed? Let's chat and get that made for 10¢ per minute!

Want to learn the ins & outs of a digital camera, from how DSLR works to learning proper composition rules for better camera photos? We announce them on our Facebook Page as scheduled!

We've got some super cool "Alchemy" Make & Take ideas in our sketchbooks. Make your own soap, beard oils, and other cool workshops are being planned.

Want to learn some creative tech-wizardry to up your tabletop, costume, or artistic game? We're actively working on a series of classes to teach you what we've learned!


Long Distance? Can't Come? No problem! We're currently working on the best way to deliver our knowledge via video for our Tinker's Guild members of all levels!

Whether you're local or long-distance, join the free Facebook Group to chat with people & get all the updates! Feel free to ask any questions, and share your brilliant ideas!


Our Tinker's Guild members will get 1/2 off on the per-minute cost of using any of our unlocked equipment, and 1/2 off on any in-person classes they want to take! Use that savings to make cool things!

Get 20% off on our original files & collected tools for Tinkers in our online and brick & mortar shop for as long as you're a member, and earn shiny points that you can use to brew discounts for other loot!

Updates & Information:

$10 Replica Han Solo Blaster 3D Printing Tutorial with @JustSomeNerd
$10 Replica Han Solo Blaster 3D Printing Tutorial with @JustSomeNerd

  Honorary Crew Mate, and our favorite 3D Printing Cosplayer, James Hamilton @JustSomeNerd has started his own YouTube channel! Check...

A Quick Photography Class Note From Steve!
A Quick Photography Class Note From Steve!

Can’t figure out that new “fancy” camera you got for Christmas? Had one for a while and not sure how...


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