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    You take a closer look. The wand itself is made of a straight and sturdy birch dowel that has been sanded and carved to give its rough shape. The handle, you can't quite tell what it is made of. It's got a sculpted look, but doesn't have the weight of clay. If you were to ask, Jess will tell you it's a wood epoxy putty, and that she hand sculpts every individual wand.

    You hold it against your forearm to check for length, and guess that it is somewhere between 15 & 16 inches for a dramatic piece.

    This particular item has a card displayed nearby. You pick it up and read. 'Wands are lightweight and feel balanced in the hand. While our wands are sturdy enough for regular use in game or convention, bare in mind that they are not meant for physical strain or water submersion. Even the greatest wizards have had wands break. Take care.'


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