Wild Fuchsia Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint

Wild Fuchsia Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint

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The magical color of our mind’s eye, this is the hue the people of the ‘verse invented in an attempt...

The magical color of our mind’s eye, this is the hue the people of the ‘verse invented in an attempt to bring the purple of our spectrum back to red. In a perfect circle is where we connect the mystic mind of purple to the passionate fire of red, and a new chaotic power emerges in the wild love of magenta, bursting forth in a natural magic of flowers and fruit.

In our travels we’ve come to associate the hue with the wandering caravans where folk magics lie in the brilliant dyes and flowers. The magical rebels, the muggle-born wizards, a more gentle fire than red but still just as powerful. 

In our circle we call this the Rose of the Sorceress.


Notes on Magenta

It has been proposed that "Magenta Ain’t A Color." It is, of course, as much as any other color that isn’t strictly in the rainbow- but out of the colors on any color wheel, Red-Violet is purely invented by our mind’s perception and desire to bring the ends of the spectrum together in a full circle. It doesn’t exist in the straight wavelengths of light without mixing or lightening. 

While magenta must be achieved by mixing colors in the worlds of tech-wizards and pigment alchemists, it is a primary color of inks and dyes. 

With pigment it can be achieved by mixing red with violet, with light in the codes of tech wizards it must be carefully approached by adding blue to red.


Some Particularly Magenta Traits:

☛ Emotional Love
☛ Uplifting
☛ Brightness
☛ Free Spirit
☛ Compassion
☛ Kindness
☛ Gentleness
☛ Caring
☛ Non-Conformist
☛ Inspirational
☛ Creativity Inspired By Physical Beauty
☛ Spontaneously Sorted


The matter of color is sacred business to the crew of the Crusade. We've traveled the 'verse in search of the finest treasures and embellishments and along the way have discovered many secrets and similarities in the folklore and psychologies of the spectrum our eyes can see. We've associated each color with a basic class of crusader, bringing it all into the story, and are ever in search of elements to bottle the color’s essence.

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