Wizard Cloak Purple Powder Pigment

Wizard Cloak Purple Powder Pigment.

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Wise purple is the color of magic and majesty, a compilation of mystic development. The color that fills a wizard’s book and the edges of the deepest night. It is the color of dreamers and thinkers, a rare beauty in the ‘verse found in shell and bloom and stone of precious commodity. The fastest waves on the spectrum that we can see bring calm and depth to our mind’s eye as it fades into the realm of ultraviolet and beyond.

Struggling to capture the essence of purple int heir spell books of runes and coper, in the worlds where magic still rings true, purple is the color of the Wizard.


Notes on Purple:

Purple is a secondary color in all methods. In the RYB world of pigment alchemists, and the RGB world of tech-wizards who play with light, it is found by mixing red and blue. In the world of Ink it is pulled together with Magenta and Cyan.


A List Of Very Purple Qualities:

☛ Majestic
☛ Magical
☛ Spiritual
☛ Deep Wisdom
☛ Richness
☛ Artistic
☛ Creative
☛ Justice
☛ Heavenly
☛ Forgiving
☛ Insightful
☛ Perceptive
☛ Floral


The matter of color is sacred business to the crew of the Crusade. We've traveled the 'verse in search of the finest treasures and embellishments and along the way have discovered many secrets and similarities in the folklore and psychologies of the spectrum our eyes can see. We've associated each color with a basic class of crusader, bringing it all into the story, and are ever in search of elements to bottle the color’s essence.

Handmade by Jess

Jess is owner & captain of the Rogue Crusade. She wears many hats as gnomes often do. She currently does all of the web mastering, much of the customer service and social media marketing, order processing, loot curating, and designing of a huge portion of the loot. She has a BFA in Graphic Design and background in craft industry product development and community theater, and the Crusade is her ongoing mission to bring it all together. Oh, and she’s a total nerd.