It’s been very important in this website experimentation that we have a loyalty and referral program for the awesome Bloggers & Youtubers who have helped us become what we are today! Jess really doesn’t like talking about herself, like at all, so when one of you fabulous bard-at-hearts share our story with your viewers, it really makes all of this feel worthwhile!

In order to make this a reality, we’ve decided to stick with the Sweet Tooth loyalty program, which allows us to give you “Shiny Points” for becoming a member of the dot-com, sharing us with your audience, and linking to our site!

So the first step is to sign up for an account with us, you’ll automagically be rewarded with some SP for your hoarding pleasure.

Click The Shiny Points Tab For Referral & Loyalty Point Information

Now, if you’re logged in to the site, when you click on the shiny points tab it’ll tell you how many points you have.

Ways To Earn Rogue Crusade Loyalty & Referral Points

There’s a link under your total that says “Earn More Shiny Points.” That’ll show you all the ways I have available to earn points. One of them is “Refer a Friend,” and that’ll give you a referral link you can use on your blog and youtube descriptions.

Rogue Crusade Referral Link

*in theory* using that link will get you 30 points when a new customer uses the link to buy something.

There are other ways to earn points too, including:

  • On Your Birthday: Get loads of points on your “Level Up” day!
  • Follow us on Instagram, Like our FB page, or Follow us on Twitter: Let us know you’re listening! ♥ 
  • Share our website on Facebook or Twitter From The Tab Buttons: We love the love!
  • Make an order: 5 shiny points for every $1 spent!

Then you can use the points to buy things from the dot-com store. Right now I have x amount of points = x amount in coupons. The most current version of this will be in the Shiny Points tab, and is subject to change, but that’s where we are right now!

As we continue to grow and make more super cool goodies, we hope to add more ways to thank you for being awesome. 🙂


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