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Setting Sail! (Almost)

“ALRIGHT GUYS LET’S SHOVE OFF!” The gnome shouted as she slapped the last screw she happened to have in her pocket onto the ship.

“Are. . . Are you sure?” Denise the Paladin asked, silver scales shimmering in the sunlight.

“You heard the captain!” The Unsinkable Colbie shouted from the crows nest, actual crows cawing at her shoulder as she penned down notes in her latest Animal Journal, COVID Corvids and How To Keep Them. “Let’s get this ship on the water!”

“But. . . But you only have PayPal available as a payment option in the shops?”

“And it’s PERFECTLY functional!” Jess exclaimed excitedly. “The Mutineers have helped us test it! To be honest I may or may not add the rest of the plastics, they can be used in PayPal too.”

“Well, think about it?”

“Okay, I’ll think about it.”

“And there’s only. . . What. . . Two products from each of us in the storefronts in town?”

“A solid start, in my opinion! I have WAY more loot in the Room of Requirement down below, and Jasmynn’s busy counting her stock-“ just then, a small explosion was heard from the Alchemist’s lab, followed by a string of obscene curses. “See? She’s hard at work. Right on schedule. We’ll keep a steady stream of products going up so we don’t overflow the Social Media channels.”

“I guess that makes sense. What about the Gremlins, Captain?”

“What about them?”

“I’m quite sure there are still a few technical difficulties in the community sections. The Gremlins need kicked out of town. . .”

“And how are we going to FIND them all if we don’t invite as many of our trusted allies as possible to uncover them? Besides, I’m offering gold in exchange for $1 of Real Realm cash to help us out.”

“YEAH!” Colbie shouted from above.

“YEAH!” A Raven mimicked behind her.

Denise sighed. “How did I end up the Paladin of so many Gnomes?”

“Just lucky, I guess,” Jess smiled.

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